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 #   Report Name   Description 
1. All Revolutionary War Patriots All Revolutionary War Patriots in my family that I know of at the time of last update.  
2. D.A.R. Daughters Those in my tree who are D.A.R. Daughters. If you are interested in joining the Daughters of the American Revolution, please contact me. I can likely help you a great deal with your documentation! 
3. living  
4. Males named Eli  
5. Revolutionary War Patriots -- Paternal Direct Direct patriots, paternal only 
6. Revolutionary War Patriots -- Maternal Direct Direct patriots, maternal only 
7. Civil War Veterans Civil War Veterans 
8. Vietnam War Work in progress. Please contact me if you know of any persons in this database who were Veterans of the Vietnam War. Thank you. 
9. War of 1812 Work in progress. Veterans of the War of 1812 (not started). Please feel free to contact me if you know of any persons in this database who were Veterans of this war. Thank you. 
10. WW I and II Veterans World War I and II Veterans 
11. FindAGrave Links If you can supply a link, please contact me with the link information. Thank you. 
12. Korean War Veterans Korean War Veterans 
13. Mexican American War Not started.... Any information you can provide about those in this database in this war will be very much appreciated. 
14. Persian Gulf War Not started.  
15. Mayflower Work in progress. Contains all known Mayflower descendants.  
16. Spanish American War Not started. If you have information about men in this database that fought in this war, please contact me. Thank you.